What is it?

PVL is a type of brain injury most commonly experienced by very premature babies.

PVL is an injury to the white matter surrounding the brain's fluid-filled ventricles. The white matter of the brain transmits information between nerve cells, the spinal cord, and from one part of the brain to another.

Low birthweight, very premature babies are at a higher risk of PVL. As a result of premature birth, it is the second most common complication affecting the central nervous system.

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Additional names

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Signs & symptoms

The most common symptoms of PVL are:

Having difficulty seeing and moving your eyes

Muscle tightness and difficulty moving

Delays in development that become more apparent over time


In the first few days of life, newborns may not show symptoms of PVL. Since premature infants are at an increased risk of developing the condition, doctors may perform the following diagnostic tests:

The cranial ultrasound uses sound waves to visualize the baby's brain through the soft spot on top of the head (fontanel).

A magnetic field and radio waves are used in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to produce a detailed image of the brain without exposing the infant to x-rays. An MRI shows the affected infant's brain to have PVL.


Despite the fact that PVL is not treatable, we may recommend alternative forms of care for your child, including:


An occupational therapist

A speech-language pathologist can help

Physiotherapy for the eyes

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