What is it?

Periostitis is a condition attributed to many runners. It is caused by an inflammation to a layer of connective tissue that surrounds the bone, called the periosteum. The condition is usually chronic. It is marked by tenderness and swelling of the bone accompanied by an aching pain.

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Signs & symptoms

Symptoms of periostitis include bone tenderness with difficulty bearing weight, stiffness, especially in the morning, sometimes fever, swelling, and sometimes pus forming.


In order to diagnosis periostitis and rule out other conditions, your doctor will examine the affected area, and may apply some pressure to help diagnose the problem. Your doctor may send you to some tests, like an x-ray, which may reveal fractures or signs of the damage, an MRI scan, bone scans, and a complete blood counts to look for and evidence of infection.


In case of an acute periostitis caused by an infection your doctor will be use antibiotics to treat the underlying infection. If a pus or fluid has formed, your doctor may drain it surgically. The treatment of chronic periostitis may include rest, applying ice compressors, and pain relievers.

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