What is it?

Static encephalopathy is a type of chronic but non-progressive brain disorder.
There are several causes for the developing of static encephalopathy. They range from environmental to genetics, and depending on the type of factor that triggered the condition.

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Additional names

This group contains additional names:
- Static encephalopathy

Signs & symptoms

Symptoms of static encephalopathy include:
- Memory loss or deterred consciousness.
- Speech impairment
- Personality changes.
- Depression or anxiety.
- Seizures
- Abnormal breathing
- Coma.


A general brain test combined with the observation of symptoms may be used to diagnose static encephalopathy.
MRI or CT scans could be used to find the location and magnitude of the brain issues.
Electroencephalography (EEG) test could also be used to diagnose encephalopathy.


Treatment of static encephalopathy varied depending on the cause.
In epileptic encephalopathy medications to stop seizures could be used.
People suffer from metabolic encephalopathy may show an improvement after dialysis.
Improving the quality of life with changing diet and exercising on a regular basis could also be used to manage metabolic and toxic encephalopathy.

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