What is it?

A bone spur ( also known as osteophyte) is a smooth, bony lump that grows off a bone.

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Additional names

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- Bone spur

Signs & symptoms

In some cases osteophytes can show no symptoms. If bone spurs cause symptoms, they usually include:
- Bumpy areas
- Numbness and weakness
- Reduced range of motion
- Stiffness


If your bone spur doesn't cause symptoms, it may be discovered accidentally during an X-ray.
Based on your medical history and symptoms, your healthcare provider may conduct a physical examinations and then may refer you to an imaging tests such as X-ray, CT, or MRI.


If bone spurs don't cause any pain, a treatment is not required.
Mild cases may be treated with home remedies and lifestyle changes.
Other treatment options may include ice, over-the-counter remedies, supportive shoes, and physical therapy.
In more severe cases a surgery may be required.

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