What is it?

Night blindness is the inability to see well at night or in poor light such as in a restaurant or movie theater. It is often associated with an inability to quickly adapt from a well-illuminated to a poorly illuminated environment. It is not a disease in itself, but rather a symptom of an underlying eye problem, usually a retina problem. It is common for people who are myopic to have some difficulties with night vision, but this is not due to retinal disease, but rather optical issues.

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Additional names

This group contains additional names:
- Nyctalopia

Signs & symptoms

* Abnormal trouble adapting to the dark while driving at night
* Blurry vision when driving in the dark
* Difficulty seeing in places with dim lighting, like your house or a movie theater
* Excessive squinting at night
* Trouble adjusting from bright areas to darker ones
* Inability to see pedestrians walking at night
* Reduced contrast sensitivity


Night blindness has many possible causes, including:
* Myopia (nearsightedness).
* Glaucoma medications that work by constricting the pupil.
* Cataracts.
* Retinitis pigmentosa.
* Vitamin A deficiency, especially in individuals who have undergone intestinal bypass surgery.
* Diabetes.
To determine what is causing your night blindness, an eye specialist will perform a thorough eye exam and may order any of a number of specialized images, tests or exams.


Treatment for night blindness depends on the cause. Treatment may be as simple as getting a new eyeglass prescription or switching glaucoma medications, or it may require surgery if the night blindness is caused by cataracts.
If a patient have a retinal disease, the treatment will depend on the type of the disease and will require additional investigation by a retina specialist.

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