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IgA nephropathy, also known as Berger’s disease, is a condition characterized by accumulation of immunoglobulin A in the kidney, causing it to inflame. This inflammation may progress slowly and cause kidney damage over time. This condition may develop differently in different people, some may not suffer from symptoms other than blood in urine, while others develop end stage renal failure. Causes for what is causing IgA deposits is not known yet, it may be linked to liver diseases, Celiac disease, and infections such as HIV.

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Additional names

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Signs & symptoms

Symptoms may include colored urine due to presence of red blood cells, visible blood in urine, foamy urine due to presence of proteins in urine, flank pain, swelling of the hand and feet, and hypertension.


Diagnosis is based upon findings from medical history and physical examination. Further evaluation may include urine tests, blood tests, kidney biopsy and Iothalamate clearance test to assess the filtration capacity of the kidney.


There is no cure for IgA nephropathy but treatment to slow down the progression of the disease may include anti hypertensive medication, omega-3 fatty acids, immunosuppressants, statins.and diuretics.

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