What is it?

Subependymomas are benign tumors in the ventricles that grow from the ventricular wall into the spinal fluid spaces within the brain.
These lesions may obstruct spinal fluid flow and/or put pressure on surrounding structures, causing symptoms including headaches and confusion.

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Additional names

This group contains additional names:
- Subependymoma

Signs & symptoms

Your doctor will also ask you about your symptoms to determine whether there is a correlation to a subependymoma diagnosis. These may include:
* Headaches
* Confusion
* Seizures
* Nausea or vomiting
* Weakness or loss of sensation in the arms and/or legs
* Speech, vision, or memory problems
* Personality changes


Subependymomas can be identified by imaging studies such as MRI or CT scans.


Surgery is the standard treatment for subependymomas.

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