What is it?

Morgellons disease is characterized by fibers that appear beneath the skin or emerge from slow-healing skin sores.
There is still a great deal of mystery surrounding MD and it is poorly understood. Due to this, there are limited studies on who gets MD and if there are any risk factors.

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Signs & symptoms

Multicolored fibers appear under the skin or emerge from slow-healing sores as the primary symptoms of MD. The fibers can be red, green, blue, white, or black, making them appear like microscopic clothing fibers.

A burning, stinging, or crawling sensation on the skin is another common symptom.


The diagnosis of MD is not an easy task. If you consist of the triad of being female, around the age of 50, and white, with the appearance of fibers, your doctor may suspect that you have this condition.


It is still unknown whether MD can be effectively treated. Treatment can also be difficult due to controversy and a lack of understanding of the disease.

A doctor may prescribe antibiotics and ointments to reduce itching if they believe MD is caused by an infection. Your treatment may also include mental health medications or counseling if you have MD and anxiety or depression.

In contrast, if your doctor believes your condition is caused by a mental health issue, they will likely recommend psychiatric medications or therapy.

According to research, treating your mental health and skin disease holistically may be beneficial.

Establishing a long-term relationship with a doctor who listens to your concerns is essential for the best outcome.

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