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Microphthalmos, also called microphthalmia, is a severe developmental disorder of the eye in which one or both eyes are abnormally small and have anatomic malformations.

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Signs & symptoms

Symptoms includes an abnormally small eyeball.


Microphthalmia is often diagnosed soon after birth. An initial diagnosis usually occurs after the eyes are inspected through the lids. In addition to visual examinations, measurements of the cornea are used in the diagnosis of this condition. An ultrasound may also be conducted to confirm whether the axial length of the eye is clinically below average.


There is no treatment for severe microphthalmia that will create a new eye or restore vision. However, some less severe forms of microphthalmia may benefit from medical or surgical treatments. In almost all cases improvements to a child’s appearance are possible. Children can be fitted for a prosthetic (artificial) eye for cosmetic purposes and to promote socket growth.

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