What is it?

Lip cancer is a type of oral cancer, a squamous cell carcinoma. It occurs anywhere along the skin of the lips, though tt is more common in the lower lip. Risk factors include smoking or using tobacco products, excessive sun exposure, light- colored skin, heavy alcohol use, and being infected with human papillomavirus (HPV).

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Signs & symptoms

patients with lip cancer can be asymptomatic or may present with a painful wound, ulcer, wound on the mouth that doesn't heal, red or white discoloration on the lip, bleeding lips or jaw swelling.


After medical history and physical exam, if signs or symptoms are present, a biopsy from the lip can be taken and sent to a pathological assessment. If the biopsy confirms lip cancer, a CT, PET-CT, MRI, chest X-ray and an endoscopy can be done to seek for progression of the disease.


Treatment depends on the malignancy characteristics but it may include surgery to remove the sore with or without lymph node resection, radiation therapy (brachytherapy), chemotherapy, targeted drug therapy and immunotherapy.

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