What is it?

Limb Pain is a pain that may affect the entire leg or hand. The pain is usually a result from injuries, diseases and infections in joints, muscles, bones, skin, tendons, blood vessels and nerves in the limb.
Limb pain may be steady or may occur sporadically. Pain may be triggered by movement or may be persistent.

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Signs & symptoms

Any sign of pain reported by the patient.


Diagnosis of pain is subjective to each patient, therefore needs to be assessed through physical examination and anamnestic evidence.
The pain needs to assessed by the severity, triggering, radiation, provoking, timing of the pain during the day and effect on daily activities.


To treat the pain specifically, analgesic drugs can be used. Because most of the times, pain is a symptom for a disease in the limb, it is important to diagnose, assess and treat the cause of the pain.

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