What is it?

An infarction of the kidney occurs when the normal blood supply is interrupted.

As most cases are caused by atherosclerosis and thromboembolism, most patients are older, regardless of the underlying cause.

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Additional names

This group contains additional names:
- Renal infarction

Signs & symptoms

A small renal infarct is often asymptomatic, and only evidence of its previous occurrence is detected on imaging at a later stage. When larger, patients typically present with acute flank pain and may have hematuria and proteinuria (blood and protein in urine).


The first investigation of choice is usually a CT scan.

If the clinical presentation is unclear, ultrasound may be performed.


If the infarction is segmental, only supportive management is needed, and the cause of the infarction should be investigated.

An attempt to revascularize the kidney can be made if the renal artery is completely blocked.

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