What is it?

Intraspinal abscess and granulomas are most commonly caused by infections inside the spine, epidural abscesses, and damaged tissue.

Back injuries or trauma, skin boils, complications from lumbar puncture or back surgery, and bacteremia are potential risk factors for Intraspinal abscess and granuloma.

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Signs & symptoms

The following features are indicative of Intraspinal abscess and granuloma:



loss of bowel or bladder control

loss of movement of an area of the body below the abscess

loss of sensation of an area of the body below the abscess

low backache

A patient can have an Intraspinal abscess and granuloma without showing any physical symptoms.


Examine the spine for tenderness, spinal cord compression, paraplegia and changes in sensation below the affected area.

CT scan of the spine (Computerized Tomography): To check for abscesses.

Testing for genetic mutations: Detecting the presence of a specific mutation.


The abscess and part of the spine bone are removed during surgery to relieve pressure

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