What is it?

Injury of the adductor muscle involves the muscles on the inside of the thigh that pull the legs together. Injuries happen when the adductor muscles are stretched too far, usually where the muscle joins the tendon; and once injured, they are more vulnerable to future injuries. These injuries occur more often in football or rugby players.

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Signs & symptoms

Usually, adductor muscle injury involves a story of a physical tackle during a sport activity, following with a severe pain on the inside of the thigh and, in some cases, bruising and tenderness in the area.


After asking about your symptoms and performing a physical exam, you'll probably have X-ray and MRI scan to discover the extent of the damage to the muscle.


Most of the adductor injuries don't require surgery, and are treated with rest, ice compressions and elevation to minimize any swelling
More severe injuries which involve tears between the tendon and bone, or where non-operative treatments have not helped your symptoms, may require a surgery to reattach the tendon to the bone, followed by a rehabilitation program to avoid further injuries, and to ensure a full and quick recovery.

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