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Children and adolescents who struggle to control their emotions and behaviors may be suffering from impulse control disorders. Individuals with impulse control disorders have chronic problems with self-control, resulting in extreme disruptions and dysfunctions in personal, familial, social, and academic areas.

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Additional names

This group contains additional names:
- Impulse Control Disorder Not Otherwise Specified

Signs & symptoms

Symptoms of behavioral dysfunction:


Compulsive lying.

Starting fires

Participating in risky sexual behaviors

Acting aggressively or violently against people, animals, objects, and/or property

Physical symptoms:

Injury or scarring from physical fights or aggressive behavior

A person who engages in fire-starting behavior will have burn marks

Risky sexual behaviors are associated with sexually transmitted diseases

Cognitive symptoms:

Obsessive thought patterns

Compulsive thought patterns

Inability to control impulses

Inability to remain patient

Psychosocial symptoms:





Isolating oneself from friends and family

Lowered feelings of self-worth

Random episodes of emotional detachment


To diagnose this condition, the patient must meet some diagnostic criteria via psychological assessment.


Medication management such as SSRI.

Individual therapy

Group therapy

Family therapy

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