What is it?

Hypospadias is a congenital condition, in which the opening of the urethra is located on the underside of the penis, instead at its tip. Epispadias means the opening of the urethra is on top of the penis. Hypospadias is quite common, while epispadias is pretty rare and usually occurs along with bladder exstrophy. Epispadias can also occur in females. There are several types of epispadias, depending on the meatus location- The closer the meatus is to the base of the penis, the more likely the condition also affects the bladder sphincter and urine control.

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Signs & symptoms

Hypospadias symptoms may include abnormal appearance of the penia and abnormal spraying during urination. Epispadias symptoms in males may include short, wide and curved up pines. Baby girls with epispadias may have a urethral opening toward the clitoris or even in the lower abdomen, separated pubic bones, a labia that is not formed properly and urine control issues due to problems in the bladder neck.


Hypospadias and epispadias are usually diagnosed on a physical examination after birth. Some more tests like blood, urine and ultrasound tests may be performed.


Hypospadias and epispadias can be corrected in a surgery performed by a child's urologist.

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