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Hyperuricemia Refers to a condition which is characterized by high levels of uric acid in the blood. Hyperuricemia may occur due to a large consumption of uric acid (purines) or if the body is not able to break down enough of it. Purines are found in red meat, seafood and beans, for example. Hyperuricemia may lead to the formation of crystals which may cause kidney stones formation or lead to Gout disease which affects the joints. People who are at higher risk for hyperuricemia include those who drink alcohol, take some medications, exposed to lead or pesticide, have kidney disease, hypertension, hyperglycemia or hypothyroidism, are obese or exercise a lot. Levels of uric acid are easily diagnosed in a blood exam or a 24-hour urine collection for uric acid secretion measurement. Hyperuricemia is treated only when symptomatic by treating the condition which is caused. Dietary changes are recommended.

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