What is it?

Blood pressure is the force of your blood pushing against the walls of your arteries as your heart pumps blood. Hypertension in pregnancy is high blood pressure that you develop while you are pregnant. It starts at 20 weeks of pregnancy. In many cases, blood pressure in pregnancy does not harm you or your baby, and it usually wears off within 12 weeks after childbirth.

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Signs & symptoms

Symptoms of hypertension in pregnancy usually include: high blood pressure, proteinuria (when there is too much protein in urine), edema (swelling in your feet, face and hands), persistent headaches, vision impairment, and breathing troubles.


High blood pressure (usually 140/90 or higher) after the 20th week of pregnancy suggests that the patient suffers from hypertension in pregnancy. preeclampsia refers to a new hypertension accompanied by proteinuria.


Hypertension in pregnancy and preeclampsia can be cured by delivering the baby. In 37 weeks of pregnancy and higher, your provider will likely want to deliver the baby. If you are less than 37 weeks of pregnancy, you and your baby will be closely monitored. The patient has to maintain her blood pressure, either through diet or medication.

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