What is it?

Hydrocele is a sac filled with fluids that forms around the testicle.
It is usually harmless, and does not pose a threat to your testicles.

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Signs & symptoms

Hydrocele generally does not cause any symptoms unless it is very large. In that case it may cause scrotal discomfort or pain, and irritation of the skin around it.


The doctor will take your medical history and perform a physical exam including one of the following tests:
-Light test- your doctor will shine a light around your scrotum and see if the light passes through. If it does, it means that the sac is most likely filled with fluid and a diagnosis of a hydrocele can be made.
-Ultrasound of your scrotum to detect the fluid filled sac.


The treatment approach depends on the cause of the hydrocele and your symptoms.
Treatment is not always needed, as some hydroceles can disappear on their own.
If the hydrocele does not disappear, or it is a cause of major discomfort, it can be removed surgically.

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