What is it?

Hematuria is the presence of blood in the urine.
There are two types of hematuria; gross hematuria, in which blood can be seen in the urine, and microscopic hematuria, in which the blood is seen only under a microscope.
Blood in the urine can come from the kidney, or anywhere along the urinary tract, which is the ״pipes״ that leads the urine from the kidneys into the bladder and out of your body.
Some common causes of hematuria include infection of the kidneys or urinary tract, kidney stones, trauma, intense exercise, enlarges prostate and cancer originating in the bladder, kidney or prostate.

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Additional names

This group contains additional names:
- Haematuria
- Hemorrhagic cystitis
- Presence of blood cells in urine
- Microscopic Hematuria
- Gross Hematuria

Signs & symptoms

If you experience gross hematuria, your urine will appear pink, red or brown. If you have a case of microscopic hematuria, your urine may appear normal.
In most cases, people with gross hematuria do not have other signs and symptoms.
If the hematuria is caused by a urinary tract infection or kidney stones, you may feel a burning or pain when urinating, accompanied by back pain.


You doctor will ask you regarding your symptoms and medical history, as well as perform a physical exam. The following test will be needed:
-urine test- to detect the exact type of cells in your urine and guide the doctor to the source of the problem.
-blood test- to check your kidney functions
additional tests might be needed according to the results, such as Ultrasound or CT scan to visual your kidneys, and cystography to look inside your bladder.


Health care professionals treat hematuria by treating its underlying cause.
If no serious condition is causing your hematuria, typically no treatment will be needed.

☝️ This is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Please consult with your physician before making any medical decision.

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