What is it?

It is a bony growth that occurs inside the distal interphalangeal joint, which is the one nearest the tip of the finger. Heberden's nodes are pea-sized. As a result of osteoarthritis of the hand, Heberden's nodes may appear.

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Signs & symptoms

Pain, swelling and stiffness.
Bumps at the ends of your fingers.
Loss of motion.
Enlarged, stiff fingers.


You can be diagnosed by your provider by examining your hands for osteoarthritis and Heberden's nodes. They may also use an X-ray.


Non-drug therapies:

Rest your hand.
Wear a splint or orthotic device
Use heat, such as paraffin wax or warm compresses on your hand.
See a hand therapis

Drug treatments:

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs , acetaminophen and counterirritants.
Steroid injections can also ease pain.

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