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Gastroschisis is a congenital defect of a hernia that exits through a defect in the integrity of the abdominal wall, usually to the right of the navel and does not involve the navel. The intestine that comes out is not covered by the peritoneum (membrane) and due to the exposure to the amniotic fluid over time the intestine is edematous and thickened. It is usually not linked to other defects, but it can appear together with intestinal atresia and undescended testicle. Babies are often born with a low birth weight. It is possible that the defect was caused by a disruption of the blood supply to this area of the abdominal wall during a period of pregnancy.

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The diagnosis is usually made already during pregnancy with a prenatal US. Also, alpha-phytoprotein levels during pregnancy may be higher than normal.


The treatment is surgical. The surgeon puts the bowel back and close the defect. If needed, a mesh will be inserted.

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