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The radius and the ulna are the two bones of the forearm. A fracture in these bones can be caused as a result of a large force exerted on the bone (for example in an accident or fall), or as a result of a relatively light force exerted on a weak bone, for example in a person suffering from osteoporosis. Fracture in the distal radius is one of the most common fractures in osteoporosis. In some cases, a fracture in the forearm bones may cause nerve or vascular damage that requires prompt treatment.

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Additional names

This group contains additional names:
- Forearm Fractures
- Closed Monteggia's Fracture
- Closed Fracture of Neck of Radius
- Closed Fracture of Olecranon Process of Ulna
- Open Fracture of Shaft of Radius and Ulna
- Closed Fracture of Coronoid Process of Ulna
- Closed Fracture of Upper End of Radius and Ulna
- Open Fracture of Upper End of Radius and Ulna
- Closed Fracture of Shaft of Radius and Ulna

Signs & symptoms

A fracture in the forearm bones causes pain, swelling and a deformity in the forearm structure. In some injuries, the skin, soft tissue, muscles or nerves may be damaged, causing symptoms accordingly (for example, radiating pain, numbness, or weakness).


In cases of suspected forearm fracture, an X-RAY of the radius and ulna is usually diagnostic.


Initial treatment of a fracture includes pain relief, rest, cooling and immobilization of the limb. Dislocated or unstable fractures require reconstruction of the anatomical position, which in some cases will be performed surgically. After bone position correction, some fractures require fixation that can be internal (surgical) or external (with a cast or splint). In adults, the healing process of a fracture may take several months.

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