What is it?

Flatback syndrome is a condition in which the lower spine loses some of its natural curvature. The spine is imbalanced front-to-back, or sagittal.
The lower back has a lordosis which is an inward curve. The lost of this lordosis causes flatback syndrome.

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Signs & symptoms

Standing upright and performing daily tasks can be difficult with flatback syndrome.


To determine the degree of flatback syndrome, the doctor may order an X-ray–a test that produces images of the spine and other bones and tissues using invisible electromagnetic rays. For a more detailed picture of the spine, the doctor may order additional diagnostic procedures:

Magnetic resonance imaging scan (MRI) imaging scan.
Computed tomography (CT) scan.


There are many patients who can be treated without surgery. In the beginning, nonoperative measures will be recommended. Physical therapy, including gait and posture training, exercises, and pain medications are some of these measures.
If these nonoperative treatments will not achieve success, surgery will be recommended.

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