What is it?

There are several types of eye infection, depending on the area in the eye that’s infected. Conjunctivitis, also known as pink eye, is an infection of the conjunctiva caused by bacteria, virus or allergic reaction. Keratitis is an inflammation of the cornea that can be caused by bacteria, viruses, or parasites and it’s common in people who wear contact lenses. Stye presents with painful red bumps under the eyelid or at the base of the eyelashes. Uveitis is an inflammation of the uvea and may be caused by a virus or due to autoimmune conditions. There could also be an eye infection caused by fungus.

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Additional names

This group contains additional names:
- Episcleritis

Signs & symptoms

Eye infection symptoms may include pain, discomfort, itchy eyes, photophobia, burning sensation of the eyes, a painful lump under the eyelids, eyelid tenderness, pink eye, discharge, swollen eyelids, tearing up and irritation.


Diagnosis of eye infections begins with medical history and an eye exam. If needed, fluid from the eye is taken out to be examined under a microscope.


Treatment of eye infection depends on the cause for the infection but may include antiviral medication, antibiotics eye drops, corticosteroid eye drops, and compresses.

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