What is it?

Erysipelas is a skin infection that affects only the upper layers of the skin. Many times it is hard to distinguish from cellulitis, which is also the deeper tissue of the skin. Erysipelas usually the legs, arms, torso and face. It is caused by a bacteria that enters the skin through cuts or sores, animal bite or surgical wounds. People who have preexisting skin like eczema and fungal infections are more prone to erysipelas. Other risk factors may include obesity, alcoholism, poorly controlled diabetes, circulation problems, and a weakened immune system.

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Signs & symptoms

Symptoms may include fever and chills which can appear before the condition is seen on the skin. Then, the skin can appear swollen, shiny, red, warm and tender. There could be blisters in more severe cases.


Erysipelas is usually diagnosed with a physical examination and the patient’s symptoms. Blood tests could be done to look for bacteria in the blood.


Erysipelas is treated with antibiotics.

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