What is it?

Enthesopathy is a disorder of the entheses, the connective tissues between bones and tendons or ligaments. Enthesopathy occurs when these tissues have been damaged due to overuse, injury, or infection.

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Additional names

This group contains additional names:
- Gluteal tendinitis
- Enthesopathy of Hip

Signs & symptoms

The most noticeable symptom of enthesopathy is pain in the area around the affected joint. The level of pain can vary widely. With mild enthesopathy, the pain may only be an annoyance. With severe enthesopathy, the pain may cause avoiding everyday activities.


Enthesopathy is diagnosed after a physical examination and a review of symptoms. Additional tests may be conducted to rule out any underlying conditions and may include:
- Blood tests
- Joint fluid analysis
- X-rays
High-frequency ultrasound testing is particularly effective in diagnosing enthesopathy.


Treatment for enthesopathy includes treating any underlying causes, as well as anti-inflammatory medication to reduce pain and inflammation. Resting the connective tissue may also allow the damaged tissues to heal. Severe cases of enthesopathy may require steroid injections to relieve symptoms of pain and swelling. Surgery may be recommended to drain fluid or repair damaged joints if conservative treatments are ineffective.

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