What is it?

The eustachian tubes connect your middle ears to the back of the throat. The eustachian tubes equalize air pressure and help drain fluid from your ears. When they become clogged, it’s called eustachian tube dysfunction (ETD).

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Signs & symptoms

People with ETD may experience a number of warning signs. Common eustachian tube dysfunction symptoms include:
* Hearing problems.
* Tinnitus, or ringing in your ears.
* Clicking or popping sounds.
* A feeling of fullness in your ears.
* Pain that mimics an ear infection.
* Dizziness, vertigo or balance problems.
* A 'tickling' sensation in your ears.
Eustachian tube dysfunction symptoms may get worse in higher altitudes. This is called barotrauma, and it can happen while scuba diving, flying in an airplane or driving in the mountains.


The doctor will ask about your symptoms and examine your ears. They’ll check your ear canals, nasal passages and the back of your throat.


In most cases, treatment isn’t necessary because ETD often resolves on its own. However, a patient might need treatment if the symptoms linger for more than two weeks.
Eustachian tube dysfunction treatment depends on the cause and the severity of your condition. Treatments may include home remedies, medications or, in severe cases, surgery.

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