What is it?

Drug or chemical induced diabetes are when use of a specific medication or substance has led to the development of diabetes. In some cases, it may be reversible is use of the medication or substance is discontinued, but in other cases drug induced diabetes may be permanent. Several drugs have been proved to increase the glucose levels in the blood and in ongoing use may cause diabetes mellitus. They include corticosteroids, thiazide diuretics, beta-blockers, and statins.

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Signs & symptoms

Drug induced diabetes mellitus generally shows the same signs & symptoms as regular diabetes type 2, but other side effects of the drugs may be shown as well.


Diagnosis is made first for a regular diabetes type 2 with simple blood tests. Then, based on the patient's medical history, medications or other chemical substances may be attribute to the disease.


Treatment of drug and chemical induced diabetes mellitus includes: first, if possible, to halt the use of the medication. Then, to embrace low carbohydrates diet, and to have enough exercise.

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