What is it?

Didelphic uterus, or double uterus is a rare condition which refers to embryonic development of two uteri. Each uterus is narrower than a typical uterus and has its own fallopian tube and ovary. Some also have two cervixes and two vaginal canals, but not always. Women with didelphic uterus have higher risk for miscarriage and preterm births, but some carry healthy pregnancies.

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Signs & symptoms

Most women will not experience any symptoms of a didelphic uterus, but rather find out about it in a routine pelvic exam. Symptoms may include pain during sex, before and during period, heavy bleeding during period, leaking blood when using a tampon, miscarriages and preterm labor.


Diagnosis is based upon findings from a pelvic exam and imaging tests.


Treatment is not suggested when there are no symptoms but in case there are symptoms sometimes the vaginal septum is removed surgically.

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