What is it?

The nasal septum is a cartilage of the nose that separates the two nostrils. It is supposed to be located in the center of the nose, creating even nostrils. In some people, the nasal septum is deviated, causing uneven nostrils. A deviated nasal septum is quite common, and it only requires medical attention if it has negative medical consequences. A deviated septum can be either congenital or acquired later in life, usually due to an injury. It might worsen with age.

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Signs & symptoms

Most of the people have only a minor deviation, thus experiencing no symptoms. Possible symptoms of deviated nasal septum are difficulty breathing through the nose, nosebleeds, sinus infection, dryness in one nostril, snoring or nasal congestion.


Diagnosis of deviated nasal septum is done in a medical examination with a nasal speculum viewing the septum’s placement and the nostrils size.


Usually, treatment is not necessary. The severe cases of deviated nasal septum are treated with surgery called septoplasty. Medications that may alleviate the symptoms are antihistamines, nasal steroid spray, decongestants and nasal strips.

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