What is it?

Convergence insufficiency is a sensory and neuromuscular anomaly of the binocular vision system, characterized by a reduced ability of the eyes to turn towards each other or sustain convergence.

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Signs & symptoms

Symptoms of convergence insufficiency include eye strain, double vision (diplopia), headaches , blurred vision at near, eye fatigue (asthenopia), tension in and around the eyes, print moving on page, and frequent loss of place when reading. These symptoms are exacerbated when doing prolonged near work, such as reading and computer or any other electronic device usage.


Convergence insufficiency is best detected during a Binocular Vision Assessment. During this assessment, the doctor will conduct several tests that assess visual skills such as eye teaming, tracking, and focusing. These results can then be compared to normative data for same-aged peers, and the diagnosis of convergence insufficiency can be made.


Convergence insufficiency is treated with convergence exercises prescribed by an eyecare specialist trained in orthoptics or binocular vision anomalies. Prescription eyeglasses successfully manage some cases of convergence insufficiency, sometimes with therapeutic prisms.

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