What is it?

Pulmonary valve stenosis is a narrowing (stenosis) of the valve between the lower right heart chamber and the lung arteries. This disease is caused by a heart problem, that develops before birth. Pulmonary valve stenosis ranges from mild to severe.

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Additional names

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Signs & symptoms

In mild cases, congenital pulmonary valve stenosis may not show any symptoms. In more severe cases, some signs may appear, such as:
- A whooshing sound (heart murmur) that can be heard with a stethoscope.
- Tiredness.
- Shortness of breath.
- Chest pain.


A physical examination may raise initial suspicion to congenital pulmonary valve stenosis. To confirm the diagnosis, further tests may performed, such as:
- Electrocardiogram - records the electrical signals in the heart
- Echocardiogram. producing images of the heart using sound waves.
- Coronary angiogram - a thin tube is inserted close to the heart through the arteries. Dye flow through the tube and shows the heart and its arteries in an X-ray.


- Mild cases may require only occasional health checkups.
- Mediate or severe cases may require a heart procedure or a surgery. These procedures may include:
* Balloon valvuloplasty - a balloon is inserted into the heart and inflated to widen the narrowed orifice of the heart.
* Pulmonary valve replacement - may performed if balloon valvulopasty is not an option. The treatment choices are an open-heart surgery or a catheter procedure.

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