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Cytomegalovirus (CMV) is a common virus that belongs to the herpesviruses family. Although infection from CMV is common, most of the people with healthy immune system usually don't show any symptoms. Congenital CMV infection is when a pregnant woman can pass the virus to her fetus following primary infection, reinfection or reactivation of a previous infection.

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Signs & symptoms

Most infants with congenital CMV infection won't show any symptoms. One of ten will show symptoms at birth, which may include: Rash, jaundice, small head size, low birth weight, enlarged liver and spleen, and seizures. Long term disorders may include hearing loss, vision loss, and intellectual disability.


Congenital CMV infection is diagnosed by detection of CMV DNA in the urine, saliva, or blood.


Treatment for congenital CMV infection is done with antiviral drugs that fight infections of viruses belong to the herpesviruses family such as Ganciclovir.

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