What is it?

CNS congenital anomalies are birth defects of the physical structure of the brain or spinal cord that develop in utero or when a fetus is developing during pregnancy. There are other congenital anomalies that impact the growth or development of the central nervous system and are often considered central nervous system diseases. This blanket term encompasses a broad range of disorders and medical conditions, from minor abnormalities to severe ones.

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Additional names

This group contains additional names:
- Encephalocele
- Brain Anomalies Not Elsewhere Classified
- Hydromyelia
- Diastematomyelia
- Nervous System Anomalies Not Otherwise Specified
- Microcephalus

Signs & symptoms

Symptoms of CNS congenital anomalies vary depending on the condition's nature and severity and can differ between different persons. Some physical challenges may include:
- Loss of strength and movement
- Cognitive weakness
- Stiffness and spasticity
- Progressive loss of bodily functions and autonomic control
- Delayed growth
- Severe pain


A Neurologist should evaluate the baby and do various tests, including radiological studies, to diagnose the specific abnormality the baby may have.


Treatment (medical and surgical, if necessary) is available to help the baby achieve the best physical and/or mental condition they can as they grow older. Unfortunately, some conditions cannot be cured.

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