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The anterior chamber is the space between the cornea and the iris in the eye. It encompasses the cornea, iris, lens, and the aqueous humor.
Several disorders are related to congenital anomalies of anterior chamber:
- Posterior embryotoxon (PE) - an anteriorly displaced and thickened Schwalbe’s line, the anatomical line found on the interior surface of the eye's cornea.
- Axenfeld-Rieger syndrome - an autosomal dominant disorder that presents with both ocular and systemic symptoms.
- Peters anomaly - a congenital disease heterogeneously affecting the anterior segment.
- Primary congenital glaucoma (PCG) - an autosomal recessive disorder defined as having elevated internal ocular pressure (IOP).
- Aniridia - an autosomal dominant disorder that involves a variety of ocular manifestations, usually without systemic symptoms.

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- Reigers anomaly

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