What is it?

Cluster headaches are severely painful headaches that occur in clusters. You will typically experience cycles of headache attacks, followed by headache-free periods. The frequency of your headaches during these cycles may range from one headache every other day to several headaches per day.
There are two types of cluster headaches: episodic and chronic.
Episodic cluster headaches occur regularly between one week and one year, followed by a headache-free period of one month or more. Chronic cluster headaches occur regularly for longer than one year, followed by a headache-free period that lasts for less than one month.

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Signs & symptoms

Cluster headaches occur in one side of the head (unilateral) and There is often accompanying symptoms occurring on the affected side, including:
* eye watering
* nasal congestion
* swelling around the eye
* Forehead and facial sweating
* Myosis (constriction of the pupil) and/or ptosis (eyelid drooping)
a sense of restlessness or agitation may also be present.


Cluster headache, in its typical form, is unmistakable and The diagnosis is based upon your description of symptoms.
Head imaging (MRI or CT scans) may be recommended to rule out other conditions that may be causing your symptoms


acute interventions to relieve existing pain may include:
* oxygen: Breathing 100-percent pure oxygen
* medications – mainly triptans taken usually as a nasal spray
other medications are used as preventive therapy in order to stop headaches before they start. Verapamil is the agent of choice for this goal. Other agents include glucocorticoids, lithium, topiramate and more.
As a last resort, a surgical procedure may be suggested.

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