What is it?

Increased libido is an increased sexual desire or sex drive. Each person’s libido is influenced by social, psychological and biological factors. As there is no normal libido, increased libido is hard to define, and it is different for each person. An increased libido could be harmful in cases of incontrolable sexual activity, such as in sexual compulsion. It could be caused due to neurotransmitter imbalance, medications, and conditions such as epilepsy or dementia.

11 Alikes with Chronic Increased Libido

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Signs & symptoms

Symptoms may include a sexual behavior that has a negative impact on the person’s life, trying unsuccsesefuly to limit sexual behavior, keeping the sexual behavior a secret, feeling dependent on the seuxal behavior, and difficulty establishing healthy relationshops.


Diagnosis is based on a conversation with a healthcare provider, a physician, a psychologist or a sex therapist.


Treatment usually includes emotional therapy and may also include medications.

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