What is it?

Nevus is the medical term for a birthmark. This mark can also be found inside your eye. Choroidal nevus is the most nevus seen in the eye. It's located in the pigmented layer beneath the retina called the choroid.

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Signs & symptoms

In most of the cases, a nevus causes no visual symptoms. In rare cases, it can cause a blind spot in the vision of one eye, but this rarely affects a patient’s day to day vision.


A choroidal nevus can only be seen by an ophthalmologist using specialized tools to see inside your eye.


In most cases, choroidal nevus do not require treatment. Some nevi (plural for nevus) have features that make them higher risk for growing into a melanoma and these nevi should be watched carefully. Based on its features, your ophthalmologist will decide how often do you need to re-examine your choroidal nevus.

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