What is it?

Cervical cancer is a disease in which malignant (cancer) cells form in the tissues of the cervix.
The cervix is the lower, narrow end of the uterus (the hollow, pear-shaped organ where the baby grows). The cervix leads from the uterus to the vagina.
Human papillomavirus (HPV) infection is the major risk factor for cervical cancer. Not all woman with HPV will develop cancer, in fact at least half of sexually active people will have HPV at some point in their lives, but few women will get cervical cancer.
Like most cancer types, cervical cancer is divided into stages, according to how much it has spread out of the cervix into the rest of your body.

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Signs & symptoms

Cervical cancer may not cause any symptoms at first.
Later, you may experience pelvic pain or unusual vaginal bleeding (after sex, in between periods or any post-menopausal bleeding).
These and other signs and symptoms may be caused by cervical cancer or by other conditions.


A Pap test (or Pap smear) is used to screen woman for cervical cancer. Your doctor will scrape cells from your cervix and examine them under the microscope as well as check them for HPV.
if a Pap test shows abnormal cells your doctor will recommend a Colposcopy- a procedure in which the abnormal lining of your cervix is identified and sampled in order to look at it under the microscope.
Further imaging tests will be needed to check if the cancer had spread to the rest of your body.


There are different types of treatment for patients with cervical cancer. The treatment depends on the cancer’s stage and your general health.
-Surgery- In some cases, it's possible to leave the womb in place, but it may need to be removed. The surgical procedure used to remove the womb is called a hysterectomy.
-Radiation therapy high-energy x-rays or other types of radiation used to kill cancer cells or keep them from growing.
-Chemotherapy- medication that will kill cancerous cells or stop their growing.

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