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Cervical carcinoma in situ is (CIS), or Ta, is the earliest stage of squamous cell cancer of the cervix. In this early stage, the abnormal cells are found only in the outermost layer and have not yet invaded the deeper layers of the cervix. From this stage, the disease can progress to invasive carcinoma, if left untreated. Risk factors may include smoking, HPV infection, unprotected sex, multiple sex partners, HIV/AIDS or other sexually transmitted diseases, weakened immune system, starting having sex at a young age, and using birth control pills. There are more aggressive HPV strains, which are more likely to develop into malignancies compared to more benign strains that tend to cause genital condyloma.

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Additional names

This group contains additional names:
- Cervical carcinoma in situ
- Carcinoma In Situ of Cervix Uteri

Signs & symptoms

Usually, cervical carcinoma in situ does not produce any symptoms, making the screening tests very important.


Cervical CIS is diagnosed by a Pap smear and HPV Type DNA to look for the specific virus strain. A colposcopy is a procedure that allows viewing the cervix with a special magnifying tool called a colposcope. During colposcopy, some tissue is sent for biopsy.


Treament of cervical CIS begins depends on the women’s age and preferences. Possible treatments include cryosurgery, laser surgery, loop electrosurgical excision, conization or a hysterectomy if the woman is not interested in having kids.

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