What is it?

Cachexia refers to a condition which is characterized by involuntary weight loss, decreased body fat and muscle depletion. It occurs due to chronic conditions such as HIV, cancer, chronic renal failure, multiple sclerosis, kidney disease and congestive heart failure. It is suggested that cachexia occurs due to inflammation, increased metabolic rate, muscle growth prevention and increased muscle breakdown.

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Signs & symptoms

Symptoms include fatigue, reduced muscle strength, decreased appetite, edema, anemia, low albumin levels in the blood, low fat index.


Diagnosis is based upon findings from medical history and physical examination. Further evaluation may include blood and imaging tests.


There is no cure for cachexia, while the underlying cause exists, but some treatments may help. Appetite stimulants, eating small frequent meals, eating with friends or family members, drinking nutritional supplements and getting emotional support may help.

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