What is it?

Blepharitis is inflammation of the eyelids. This inflammation usually affects both eyes along the edges of the eyelids. Clogging of tiny oil glands near the base of the eyelashes is the cause for blepharitis.

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Signs & symptoms

The most common symptoms of blepharitis are:
- Watery and eyes
- Stinging sensation in the eyes
- Greasty-looking and itchy eyelids
- Frequent blinking


Diagnosis of blepharitis may be done with:
- Examining your eyes using magnifying instruments.
- Swabbing skin for testing to check for a infection of fungi, bacteria, or virus.


In most cases, self-care measures, such as washing your eyes and using warm compresses might be the only treatment.
In other cases, other treatment methods may be necessary:
- Medications that fight infectio - we may use antibiotics of anti-fungi treatment when an infection occurs. If you don't respond to topical antibiotics, your doctor might suggest an oral antibiotic.
-Medications to control inflammation - steroid eyedrops or ointments are used for this, generally only for people who don't respond to other therapies.

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