What is it?

Bladder diverticulum is a congenital or acquired condition in which there is a pouch in the bladder wall. The acquired form is most likely caused by a block in the bladder outlet, as in the case of an enlarged prostate. Other causes may include urethral scars, previous bladder surgery, or nerve injury. The acquired form is more common in older men due to an enlarged prostate.

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Signs & symptoms

Symptoms of bladder diverticulum may include urinary tract infection, bladder stones, urine flowing back to the kidney, bladder tumors, and difficulty urinating.


Bladder diverticulum is diagnosed upon findings in medical history, physical examination, urodynamics to evaluate bladder function, bladder US scan, and cystoscopy.


Bladder diverticulum is treated only when causing symptoms. The treatment is surgical. Sometimes, the underlying cause, like a blockage of the bladder, has to be treated first.

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Can bladder diverticulum be asymptomatic?

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