What is it?

Binocular Vision Dysfunction (BVD) is a condition where the eyes are slightly misaligned and they struggle to send one clear image to the brain. This disorder can impact the lives of both children and adults.

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Signs & symptoms

The most common BVD symptoms are:
- Neck, back and shoulder pain
- Diagonal walking
- Bumps into walls
- Tilts head
- Falls too often
- Nausea


The first step of BVD diagnosis involves filling out a questionnaire. Then, based on your score, a comprehensive eye exam will be conducted qualified eye doctor to diagnose BVD.


There are few options of treatment for BVD:
- Prismatic lenses - they work to correct the misalignment in your eye.
- Vision therapy - a program to improve the communication between the brain and the eyes, further supporting the visual system and alleviating the symptoms of BVD.

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