What is it?

Benign Neoplasm of Male Genital Organs refers to lesions that are not cancerous, meaning that they cannot spread in the male reproductive system. Benign neoplasm of the testes is quite common among young men. These neoplasams include :
-Germ cell tumors such as benign teratoma, which usually develop before puberty, even in babies.
-Sex cord-stromal tumours develop in the connective tissue in the testicle, that produces hormones (Leydig cell tumors, Sertoli cell tumors).
Other benign tumors include epidermoid cyst, lipoma, hemangioma and fibroma.

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Signs & symptoms

Symptoms of benign testicular cancer may include a lump or an enalrgement of the testice, feeling heaviness in the scrotum, abdominal or groin pain, collection of fluid in the scrotum, breast enlargement and back pain.


Diagnosis is based upon medical history and physical examination, including testicular exam, followed by an ultrasound of the testis, blood tests are a surgical removal of the testis.


Treatment is either conservative or a surgical removal is done.

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