What is it?

Benign Neoplasm of Male Genital Organs refers to lesions that are not cancerous, meaning that they cannot spread in the male reproductive system. Benign neoplasms can develop in the next organs:
-Scrotum- The scrotum contains the testicles. scrotal masses might be an accumulation of fluids, growth of abnormal tissue or normal contents that have become swollen, inflamed or hardened.
-Epididymis- These tumors are very rare, and typically grow from the mesenchymal tissue. The most common benign tumor is called an adenomatoid tumor, a benign slowly growing tumor.
-Penis- penile cancer is uncommon, most affecting the glans and the foreskin. Genital warts are the most common non cancerous condition of the penis.

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Additional names

This group contains additional names:
- Benign Neoplasm of Testis
- Benign Neoplasm of Penis
- Benign Neoplasm of Epididymis
- Benign Neoplasm of Scrotum
- Benign Neoplasm of Prostate

Signs & symptoms

Symptoms of benign cancer of the epididymis or the scrotum may include a lump or an enalrgement of the testice, feeling heaviness in the scrotum, abdominal or groin pain, and a collection of fluid in the scrotum. Symptoms of genital warts include cauliflower-shaped warts, abnormal discharge, pain while urinating and itchiness.


Diagnosis is based upon medical history and physical examination, including testicular exam, followed by an ultrasound of the area. For genital warts, the diagnosis may include HPV testing, biopsy and acetowhitening.


Benign scrotal masses might be left untreated or surgically removed, repaired, or drained. Tumor excision or epididymectomy can be considered for benign epididymal cancer. Genital warts treatment may include cryosurgery, laser surgery, curettage, topical drug therapy and surgery.

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