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Bell's Palsy (also called facialis, facial paralysis) is a condition that causes weakness or paralysis of one half of the face. The paralysis is caused by damage to the nerve that innervates the face. The exact cause of this damage is unknown, but it may be triggered by a viral infection. Bell’s Palsy shares several characteristics with stroke, so it is important to undergo a medical examination that is able to differentiate between the two.
Most people with Bell's palsy recover completely, but Some people are left with lifelong damage.

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Signs & symptoms

Symptoms usually appear abruptly, and include droopy appearance on one side of the face. Additional symptoms include drooling, inability to smile, muscle twitches in the face, sensitivity to sound, impaired sense of taste and eye dryness.


Your doctor will perform questioning regarding your symptoms and a thorough neurological examination. additional tests may also be needed, such as laboratory tests (looking for signs of infection) and imaging tests (such as CT or MRI scans).


In most cases, Bell’s palsy symptoms improve without treatment within weeks to months. There are several treatment options to speed recovery and relieve symptoms, including physical therapy exercises, pain killers, anti-inflammatory drugs (such as steroids) and antiviral medications.

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