What is it?

Attention and concentration deficit, is a subtype of ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). The disorder is diagnosed mostly in children, but also in adults.
Individuals with the disorder experience difficulties in processing information, focusing their attention, paying attention to details and distinguishing between important and unimportant information. In overall, people with the disorder have troubles with engaging their attention to a specific task.
The causes to the disorder are unknown, although studies show the condition is heritable, therefore it is influenced by genetics.

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Signs & symptoms

Difficulties in paying attention to details and careless mistakes, maintaining attention in play, school, or home activities, listening to other people, organizing tasks, activities, requiring consistent mental effort.
Easily distracted by irrelevant stimuli and forgetfulness in routine activities.


SCT is currently not an official diagnosis in DSM-5 and there are no universally accepted set of symptoms exists yet.
Although there is no official diagnosis, we review the patient's history and behavior to find abnormalities, such as:
Medical history (prenatal exposures, perinatal infections, head trauma, recurrent otitis media, and medications)
Psychosocial history (how the child is doing at school, problems with learning, if the child is happy in school, behavioral problems at school or home, problems with completing school assignments).
Physical examination (Measurement of height, weight, head circumference, and vital signs, dysmorphic features, neurologic examination, verbal and motor skills, observation of the child behavior and communication skills).
Behavior assessment and history (developmental and behavioral history, developmental events and milestones).


Ritalin is common medication to treat the condition, although it hasn't been proved to be effective.

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