What is it?

Atelectasis describes complete or partial collapse of the entire lung or area (lobe) of the lung. It is considered one of the most common post-surgery breathing complications. It occurs when the tiny air sacs within the lung become deflated or possibly filled with alveolar fluid.

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Signs & symptoms

Atelectasis symptoms include:
- Trouble breathing
- Rapid breathing
- Wheezing
- Cough


A chest X-ray may be sufficient for diagnosis of atelectasis. Further tests may be done to affirm the diagnosis and estimate the severity, such as:
- CT scan
- Oximetry
- Ultrasound
- Bronchoscopy


Treatments for atelectasis include:
- Breathing physical therapy - techniques that help you breathe deeply after surgery/
- Surgery - for the removal of airway obstructions, such as foreign objects, congenital malformations, and tumors.

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